Successful Planting of ESG’s 1st Commercial Hemp Crop Cycle at Ratchaburi Completed

On the  of 12th January, Eastern Spectrum Group, Thailand’s leading vertically integrated cannabis plant cultivator, processor, and provider of quality hemp-derived CBD products began the planting of its first crop cycle consisting of 768,000 hemp plants at its 200-rai Ratchaburi Campus.

The successful completion of this cycle will establish ESG as the first-to-market commercial-scale private cultivator and processor in the Thai cannabis/hemp sector.

In general, local industry players of all sizes rely on methods where seeds are either incubated and moved into pots, or germinated in a greenhouse and moved into soil for the rest of their growing phase. By growing exclusively outdoors, ESG has avoided the limitations associated with indoor growing, and therefore is able to effectively operate at a larger capacity. With ESG’s scale, reliable supply chain, and proprietary growing methods, commercial customers can develop pure, high-quality CBD-infused products. This provides immense value to manufacturers in the food, beverages, cosmetics and wellness space, who are hoping to bring CBD and hemp-based products to market.

“As the leading producer in the Kingdom, our company is uniquely positioned as the sole leader in outdoor cultivation. Having adopted a model that is replicable by Thai farmers, we hope to aid local agriculture and producers in becoming increasingly export-competitive and enable them to meet growing demand as Thailand’s hemp/cannabis industry matures,” said Thanisorn Boonsoong, CEO, Eastern Spectrum Group Limited.

After completing the first crop cycle, ESG will be ready to provide consistent supply of high-quality CBD at industrial scale by March 2022. After the harvest, the plants will go through a special drying process, and will then be moved into ESG’s extraction facility. By next year, ESG will be able to fulfill large-scale orders of CBD Isolate, water soluble CBD, CBD distillates (specifically for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medicine manufacturers), CBD oil, and cannabis terpenes. Achieving such large-scale production without sacrificing quality is a hallmark of ESG’s operations. With its robust supply chain and efficient growing practices, the company is setting an industry standard in terms of reliability and consistency….