Hemp Initiative Receives Warm Response

The Food and Drug Administration’s first day of registration for training in producing, importing, exporting, distributing, and owning hemp, now allowed under a Dec 30, 2020 ministerial announcement, on Friday received an enthusiastic response.

In Chiang Mai, as many as five firms signed up for the training to prepare them to apply for permission to produce hemp products, a source said.

The training is due to be carried out at Maejo University on Feb 8-9 to equip participants with knowledge about how to successfully apply for permission to produce hemp-based products for commercial purposes, said the source.

The five firms are: Supreme Pharmatech, Hemplab (Thailand), DOD Biotech, EA Stern Spectrum Group and Global Consumer, said the source, adding other parties interested in the training were mainly farmers.

Maejo University has a demonstration on organic hemp farming. Prof Arnat Tancho, director of the Maejo Natural Farming Research and Development Centre, said the training was designed to improve understanding among parties interested in applying for permission under the ministerial announcement.

From Friday interested parties could submit their applications. They are now being received at provincial public health offices and the Food and Drug Administration office in Nonthaburi, he said.