Eastern Spectrum Group Secures Extraction License for CBD Production; Among Few Vertically Integrated Thailand Companies with Required Hemp Licenses

Leading Thailand CBD producer Eastern Spectrum Group (ESG) announced that it has secured its extraction license [Ref No.: Ror 1/2565 (Mor Por processing and extracting Hemp. ESG’s extraction capacity, with the ability to process more than 800 kilograms of hemp biomass daily, makes it one of the largest extraction facilities in Thailand. The company has a pre-approved PIC/S GMP designed factory of 2,400 square meters in size, medical-grade facilities, and complies with local and international quality standards of different product industries.

ESG customers will now be able to register their formulations with the Thailand FDA with all required documents, i.e., Product COA, Extraction License, and Origin of Biomass. They will also be able to get samples from ESG to perform research and development and purchase CBD extracts in bulk for commercial production.

Thanisorn Boonsong, CEO, Eastern Spectrum Group, commented, “With the securing of our extraction license, we are prepared to deliver premium grade CBD to our customers and to facilitate R&D and product development with partners. The market value of the Thailand cannabis trade is projected to double in less than two years. Regulatory compliances plays an important roles in ensuring its integrity and success. We are pleased that ESG will be contributing to and benefitting from an exciting new industry for Thailand.”

ESG is one of the very few companies in Thailand (less than twenty companies in total) that holds the following hemp licenses: Seed Import, Cultivation, Distribution, and Extraction, and is one of the few among those that are vertically integrated with large scale cultivation. This allows ESG to control quality across the supply chain, with the ability to consistently provide extracts all year round. ESG’s high quality CBD isolate is more than 98% pure, produced in its facility which follows medical grade production SOP’s. ESG will also produce CBD distillate oil and Water Soluble CBD to serve a variety of different industries.

ESG’s factory design was approved by the PIC/S GMP body in Thailand (Thai FDA). By following the protocols/SOP correctly, the facility will be a PIC/S GMP accredited facility focused on scale, compliance, and quality.

From consumer and buyer standpoints, how the products can be used:

Hemp extracts can be formulated in a variety of product types such as cosmetics, supplements, medicines, beverages, and herbal products. CBD is described to be effective in many ailments, such as promoting sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation, and relieving chronic pain. 

What is actionable now?

ESG is open for orders and delivery with all required documents to help downstream customers formulate and bring high quality products to market with a consistent supply of CBD extracts. ESG can also enter annual sale contracts to secure consistent supply in a rapidly growing market that has limited raw material available.

In the future, ESG plans to extend its operations downstream; offering OEM services in the cosmetics and supplement categories with its own production line and formulations.