CBD Market Challenges to Overcome

The emergence of the global CBD (cannabidiol) market has been met with a myriad of challenges that must be addressed to spur its growth and development.  First, regulatory uncertainty is a major roadblock. CBD’s legal status varies significantly from one country to another, and even within states or regions of certain countries. This lack of […]

Recent Innovations Using CBD

Recent innovations utilizing CBD as an ingredient have showcased its versatility and potential. One fascinating development comes from Thailand, where researchers at Thammasat University have developed a protective coating for fruit using CBD. This innovative coating acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria and fungi, extending the shelf life of fruits and reducing post-harvest losses. […]

From Regulation to Radiance: Thailand’s CBD Journey to Skincare Bliss

While the recreational use of cannabis in Thailand remains illegal and its classification might be on the verge of being changed again, the Thai government has recognized the potential medical benefits of CBD and maintains its legal use for medical purposes. CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.2% are legal for medical […]