The Endocannabinoid system maintains a balance and regulates nerve functions, system and circulatory systems.

CBD is considered as one of the greatest wellness phenomena of this generation. The human body's Endocannabinoid receptors react with CBD to create a chemical in our body called Endocannabinoids.

Is CBD Safe?

The World Health Organization (WHO) concluded in its report that pure CBD extracts are non-toxic and have no abuse or dependence potential. Research also shows that consuming CBD has little to none side-effects.

Let's take a look at the different industrial applications of CBD ranging from oils and tinctures all the way to edibles and pet food.

CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD available. Usually extracted into a crystalline powder, isolates are at least 99.9% pure CBD.

The cannabis plant family can be separated into two main species; Hemp and Marijuana. Hemp plants normally consist of high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

ESG specializes in strains that contain high CBD content and other valuable cannabinoids in order to yield maximum health and wellness benefits.

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