ESG to Become Thailand’s Largest Hemp Cultivator and Leader in Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Extract Production

Having hit two major milestones in September, Eastern Spectrum Group (ESG) is on track to become Thailand’s largest hemp cultivator and the first producer of pharmaceutical grade hemp extracts in the kingdom.

On September 10th, ESG welcomed local government officials, including officials from the District Ministry of Health, the Provincial Ministry of Health, members of the police and inspectors of public safety to inspect the readiness of ESG’s Ratchaburi campus. A variety of cannabis strains are hosted across the Ratchaburi campus, which has been divided into 26 different zones, each containing a specific strain. During the inspection, officials were able to go over the 200-rai facility to conduct security checks, and ensure that both the facility and current SOPs (standard operating procedures) strictly follow the necessary compliance protocols.

Following the provincial government’s inspection, the company has since passed the first level of regulatory checks. This accomplishment puts ESG on target to become one of Thailand’s first private hemp cultivators, as well as one of the largest outdoor hemp cultivators.

Furthermore, ESG’s extraction factory plans have received approval by the Bureau of Drug Control. This approval recognises ESG’s factory design as compliant with PIC/S GMP standards, and upon completion of the facility, ESG will be able to manufacture both traditional and modern medicines, alongside other commercial products/extracts.

Gaining approval of factory plans for PIC/S GMP facility certification positions ESG as one of the few producers of pharmaceutical grade hemp extracts in the Kingdom. These accomplishments enable ESG to advance as a pioneer in the Thai Hemp and Cannabis industry.

Amidst the ambiguity surrounding the commercialization and future of the industry, we’ve reinforced our position as serious contenders in providing consistent, quality extracts. Our production scale, once stamped with the government’s seal of approval, will instil confidence in our clients that ESG can meet their production demands.” – Thanisorn Boonsoong, CEO, Eastern Spectrum Group Limited.

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